Friday, January 30, 2009

Week Day Schedule

Sorry it has been a while since I've last posted. I've had some family emergencies come up, but everything seems to be alright now:)

I was asked by a friend here on the blog to describe what a typical week looks like for me. Well during the winter its not nearly the same as the summer...I'm not as active, but I still try to get exercise in as often as I can. Here is a daily break down:

Wake up at 7:50am:
-Have breakfast I never ever skip out on having breakfast). I usually have a banana and some cottage cheese. I want my vitamins and protein to begin my day. I then have my 2 second commute to my home office (I work for Direct Energy from home).

Snack at 10am:
-My snack is usually some cantaloupe or a yogurt (no fat, no sugar or aspartame)

Lunch break 12pm-2pm
-I have lunch, usually a toasted tomato sandwich (whole wheat bread, tomato, lettuce..and yes cheese, but only small amounts of cheese as its high in saturated fat). I also accompany it with a cup of grapes.

Back to work 2pm-5pm
-Snack at 3:30pm. My snack varies at this time, I don't have fruit any more after 2pm as fruit does contain a lot of sugars. I usually have a couple of crackers (4-5).

Done work at 5pm
-Make dinner for 6pm
-A typical dinner for me is stir fries. I use lean skinless boneless chicken breasts or I use salmon.
-I use tons of veggies: green and red peppers, green onions, fresh garlic, zucchini, mushrooms, and spices.
-I don't tend to use a sauce as the amount of vegetables coats the wild grain rice perfectly, no need for sauce, lots of flavour and spice.
-I mix the stir fries flavours, sometimes I had spinach, sometimes I make a sweet taste stir fry by using some honey, sometimes I make it bold and spicy with cayenne peppers, or I make a dill stir fry etc....

-I work out. I split up my work routines. For instance today is my arms. I will be working my arms and back today.

-Always finish with a protein shake. No more snacking after 9pm, that it my cut off point.

*This is a typical week-day for me. It does vary slightly on some days. My summer days are drastically different. Evening are spent either biking or hiking for hours at a time...but right now with the weather being -30 degrees Celsius...and foots of snow we don't get out as often as we like.

*I never drink juice, pop (doesn't matter if its diet or not...if pop can rust a nail within 48 hours, I don't want it in my body), and rarely alcohol as its high in sugar. I tend to only drink water 6-8 glasses. I have a glass of milk with my protein shake.

*I always eat 3 meals a day with 3 snack times. It keep my energy levels up and my metabolism higher.

*So for the most part, I try to limit my carb intake to just 3-4 servings, I try to get at least 3-4 servings of fruit and 3-4 servings of vegetables. I always make sure to get 3 servings of dairy (woman tend to be more at risk for osteoporosis). I always make sure to get at least 3 servings of protein as I'm strength training. I work out 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off etc. Therefore I work out 6 times a week.


  1. What's in your protein shake? It sounds like a very productive schedule. I had to force myself to start eating breakfast, and I am trying to incorporate small snacks in during the day. This is not always easy since I am a teacher, and am lucky if I have time to run to the restroom.

  2. Wow! Sounds like an amazingly healthy day! Inspiring!

    I work well when I schedule things out, too. Gotta firm up my exercise plans. :)

  3. Thanks Alex, I appreciate you posting this! Your regular diet looks really light and healthy. I'm thinking about trying to incorporate a slice or two of Ezekiel bread into my daily food plan, (I love Ezekiel bread!), and see if it stalls my weight loss or not. I'd love to be able to have a few whole grains on a regular basis.

    I'm glad your family stuff is OK! :)

  4. Hey Alex where are you? I miss your posts, and I'm still waiting to find out what is in your protein shake!