Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leg Work Out

Now I love working out my legs, my husband on the other hand runs for the hills. He would much rather work out his arms (my least favourite by far) then his abs and with much arguing and prompting he will work out his legs. But in all fairness I should say that he works all day on his legs moving things around and is piratically working out his legs all day long; therefore another huge dose of strength training for his legs is not his idea of a good time. I on the other hand love working out my legs...but that's because 5 years ago I had the oh so wonderful cottage cheese bum. The beautiful ripples and dimples graced my buttocks abundantly. Quite embarrassing really. I use to wear skirt bikini's all the time to cover my bottom. Now; however, my bottom isn't that bad. I didn't invent the miracle cure for cellulite or remove all of it, I WISH! But, I can now wear shorts and a bikini without the skirt...first time this year! Most of the ripples and dimples are gone, and I owe it all to exercise.

For my leg routines I have about 3. This is an example of one of my leg routines: Firstly, I warm up for 5-10 (running, dancing, jump jacks), then I do 45 lunges per leg. I then do 60 squats (I try to get the more difficult exercises out of the way so that I have the energy to do them still). I then proceed with the hamstring curl. I place weights on my legs and lay on my stomach. Curling my legs to my bottom. I do 60-75 (depending on the day). I then proceed with the next exercise which is my calve raise. I do 50 per leg and place 5 lbs weights on my legs. After wards, I stretch then I grab my mat. I strap on 5 lbs on my left leg, grab my 8 lb dumbbell and then do 100 leg lifts. I then use the same leg and pull it towards my chest while laying on my side and my other leg remains straight (I do 75). I then extend my leg in the air (about 45 degree angle) and have the other leg (with no weights on it) reach up and touch it (50 times). I then roll over onto my other side so that my left leg is now the leg I'm laying on. I now lift it up 100 times to work on my inner thighs.
I then take kneel on all 4 and lift my left leg 50 times off the floor. I then extend the same left leg to the side 50 times. I repeat the same exercises with my right leg attaching on weights to the right leg. This whole exercise takes me approximately 1 hour.

I found that by working on my legs I was able to tone my thighs and buttocks to an extent that visible reduced my cellulite and reduce the size of my thighs. Now, there is no such thing as spot reduction; however, you can tone certain muscles that will help tone certain areas of your body. For my I concentrate mostly on my stomach and legs as I am a pear shape and tend to carry my weight on my bottom half. Plus, lol...I'm very weak in my arms and hate pushing myself in that area...even though I know I really should. So, I still work out my arms twice a week, but I'm the one now arguing and whining to my husband, lol :) Happy exercising everyone!


  1. Thanks for the information on the planks. One day I'll be able to get through the exercises that you write about. Pop on over to my blog, I have something for you.

  2. I'd rather do arms than legs any day.

    And did you know you won a giveaway on my blog? (http://www.fitnessfig.com/2009/01/figaway-giveaway-winner.html)

  3. Thank you Bonnie, I will check your blog:)

    Wow, thank you so much Lainie! I wish I liked working out my arms more...maybe one day I will:)

  4. "Most of the ripples and dimples are gone"

    Oh Alex- you give me so much hope for the future of my thighs/booty! :)