Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How I Lost Weight

Everyone loses weight differently, but one thing is certain...eating well and exercise will certainly help you lose weight. I was very heavy at one point in my life...I was the cute bubbly chubby girl. Not exactly who I wanted to be or thought I was until one of my friends told me flat out that it was time I lost some weight. After going through several fitness tests I realized how true that really was. For me, losing weight wasn't that difficult. It was changing my lifestyle that was the hardest. I knew that I had to make huge life changes in order to lose the weight and keep it off. I was you typical burger and hot dog lover. I often said I didn't have a sweet tooth, but I have a grease tooth. Lovely picture, isn't it?

To give up eating hamburgers, hot dog, deep fried french fries, pop, spaghetti, lasagna, bacon etc...was difficult, but I knew that I could replace them with other foods. For instance, I have spaghetti a few times a month, load it with vegetables and use chicken instead of ground beef, same with my lasagna, I use chicken for that too. Soon, I realized I didn't have to give up any of the foods I really loved, I just had to tweak them a little.

So, with eating more lean chicken, fish, fruit, vegetables, and YES carbs...I was able to have the motivation, energy and will power to exercise. I know many people see carbs as the ultimate evil, that I will never understand. Carbs are great for you and very much essential and are an important tool in losing weight. We use carbs to stimulate the production of serotonin that causes us to feel more full then we actually are...thus losing weight because we tend to eat less. So, for me...carbs were very much involved in losing weight.

I also, worked out 5 times a week. I used either the elliptical or the stationary bike for 60 minutes of cardio and then I did a full body circuit. I now separate my muscles as I'm more focusing on toning and strengthening, but when I first began I did full body work outs to burn more calories.

Losing weight is a life goal. Every pound should be celebrated as it is a significant reminder of the wonderful changes we are making in our lives to become healthier. For those days that we may slip up and eat a little more or skip the work out, it happens..we are human, but the important thing is, we continue the next day with creating a better and healthier life for ourselves.


  1. Well, I don't think carbs are evil, it's just that when you have hypothyroidism, starches tend to get converted to body fat really easily. I've actually recently incorporated a once a week "carb-up" day into my diet, (which I use to fuel my six-mile runs). My body does really well on few carbs, unless I'm going to be doing a really big workout. I guess everyone's systems are different! :)

  2. So very true:) Everyone is different and we need to use what works best for us, for me though I really needed carbs.