Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going For Bananas

Wow, bananas are like the power fruit. I grew up knowing that bananas offered potassium, which was essential for our muscles, but did you know that they also have high amounts of vitamins A, C and fiber. These elements help several aspects of our body, for instance they aid in healthy bowels, reduce blood pressure, helps reduce water retention, protection from strokes, and is a natural sleeping pill to name just a few.

They help in bowel movements because one medium size banana has 16% of our daily need for fiber! Fiber aids our bowel movements.

Bananas also help reduce high blood pressure because of the potassium. Potassium is great for proper muscle contraction, but it is also linked to assisting in lowering blood pressure. Studies show that people with low potassium levels are more likely to have higher blood pressure and are at more risk for a stroke.

Water retention can also be reduced through eating bananas. The high potassium in bananas helps reduce water retention, which is awesome for us women who may feel slightly bloated during certain times of the month.

Well, I've heard warm milk can make you sleep at night, but not bananas...well not until recently. My husband has difficulty sleeping at night and I thought there has to be a natural way for him to sleep, rather then sleeping pills. Well, many websites came up with different food items, but one item that was consistent was bananas. I've never heard of, I did some further investigation and it appears that bananas contain tryptophan. Tryptophan helps produce serotonin, serotonin causes a calming effect on the brain; and therefore, acts as a sedative.

Bananas are awesome. They have so many benefits and taste fantastic! They are beautifully yellow, bright and can be used in a variety of foods. Bananas are awesome in banana bread, cereal, yogurt, or even by themselves. So the next time you feel bloated, high blood pressure, or have difficulty sleeping...may I suggest grabbing a banana.


  1. So many benefits! Unfortunately, I can only eat about half a banana before I start gagging. The smell is too overwhelming for me. I have no problem eating them in something (cereal, ice cream), but by themselves they make me sick.

  2. Lol, not everyone likes the taste. I never notice the smell, but then again...I hate waterchest nuts and everyone says there is no taste, but I can assure you there is lol. Glad you can still enjoy the benefits of eating bananas in either your cereal or ice-cream:)