Friday, January 9, 2009

Fitness and Nutriton

A little history about myself. Growing up I was the envy of my sister because I could eat 5 hot dogs in one sitting and would not gain a pound. She, my mother and others would always tell me that it would some day catch up with me, but I would always laugh it off saying "I know I know" but secretly I never though it could ever happen. I would eat fast food every day, burgers were my favourite. 2-3, maybe even having 4 hamburgers and a soda pop were not uncommon for me to eat. I finally went away to University, I was warned about the freshman 15 lbs...but never thought much of it. I would have late night "studying groups" which mostly consisted of gossip, fast food and boys. Eventually those 3am night feedings began to take their toll. It wasn't long after wards that I began dating this guy and every time we would get intimate I would tell him "I'm just bloated today" as my stomach rolled over my pants. I noticed a pattern though...I was saying this every time. So I asked my girlfriend if she though I had put on some weight, and she in return without any hesitation said "you look 6 months pregnant" Well that answered that. I began going to the gym with her. When I first joined I had to go through some fitness tests, scales, measurements and body fat test. Oh boy was that ever a self esteem builder.

My results were the following: I was 30 pounds over what I thought I was. Body fat was 37% and my hips were an astonishing 44 inches. Luckily, with the support of my friends, family and fitness instructors...I was able drop the weight and bring myself to a level of fitness that even the impressed the instructors within one year. My body fat is now at 16% and my hips are now 34 inches. This blog is going to be about my fitness regimes, and how I was able to lose the weight and keep it off through nutrition and regular exercise. Nutrition is not just about maintaining ones weight, but I will also show you how nutrition can help combat and prevent diseases.


  1. Wow, 16% body fat! Mine is around 28% right now, (yuck). I can't wait to read about how you did it! I'm also very interested in nutrition, (I've worked in and managed a few different health food stores over the years, and I still shop at them regularly). Your blog is going to be very interesting!

  2. Wow, I can't believe you EVER had 44-inch hips. You sure can't tell it now!